• Sandy Spurgeon McDanielIn a very palatable, sensible way Ms. Phillips open's the reader's understanding of the world in which a child on the autistic spectrum lives. This is definitely a "how to" and "what to do" book--and more than doing it is a book about lovingly holding the reality of having the responsibility of raising a child who takes more patience, time and energy. Ms. Phillips writes in a way the includes the reader in both the joys and challenges of her parenting. She doesn't pretend to be perfect and teaches mistakes as stepping stones. "Put your intention as your goal," and "we need to take what we can from the situation and let the rest go," are life lessons that every parent could use to improve their parenting journey. If you wan to find balance in an unbalanced situation and learn how to make love the spoke in the wheel of your parenting bicycle, this is the book for you. EMBRACE UNIQUE is wonderfully written, a must for any parent with a challenged child.
    -Sandy Spurgeon McDaniel, author of 5 books, international authority on working with children. and
  • Sheri Saladow, Academic AdviserMs. Phillips guides you thru the murky water of parenting with lots of love and humor. This book provides a roadmap to help navigate the challenges that accompany working with a child with unique needs. It is a must read not only for parents but professionals that work with students with special needs.
  • Susan Samueli PhD - Cofounder Samueli FoundationPositive and upbeat, Embrace Unique is a mother’s heartfelt journey in the raising of her autistic son. In an informed and humorous style, Ms. Phillips provides valuable suggestions to empower parents and to help them become effective advocates for children ‘on the spectrum’. Educators will gain precious insight into the daily life challenges of families affected by autism. Thorough and well organized, this inspirational book fosters a better understanding of autistic children and their families. This rare inside perspective of autism is a must read for ALL parents and educators!
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